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Protecting the lives of those in your care is of the utmost importance. When an emergency happens you need dependable safeguards in place. That's where our Fire Alarm Department comes into play. 

New Installation

Installation is completed on time and within budget every time. We typically are contracted by General Contractors, Electrical Contractors and directly by the end user. If you have an upcoming project, please contact us so we can discuss and price this for you.


If your facility needs a new Fire Alarm. We can perform and evaluation design the appropriate system to accomplish your goals.

Service & Repair

If your existing facility has an issue or a service need we can evaluate the system and perform service to meet your needs and bring your Fire Alarm into compliance with state and local codes.

Tests & Inspections

We perform annual test and inspections to meet code requirements for your facilities. This is completed at your convenience as to not disturb your daily operations.

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