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System Electric Corporation provides quality Electrical Construction services in North Carolina.

Electrical Construction

New Construction

Construction projects are performed with the up most goal of professionalism and attention to detail. We incorporate planning and procedures which typically surpass industry standards. This allows us to complete projects under budget and on time. As well assist in coordination with other trades, which improves the overall project.


We can work with your design team or bring our design team to design and budget your project. Once the project is accepted we will perform the Electrical installation per the accepted design and work with you along the way to assure your project meets all your expectations. As well we can incorporate other trades and scopes of the project to give you a complete design build project. We do this by an extensive network of trusted partners in the construction and supply industry.


Renovation projects are the most sensitive, due to the fact the building or facility is usually still occupied. All our personnel are accustomed to an occupied environment especially with sensitive and delicate project scopes.  All are used to medical, laboratory, and process environments with systems and personnel that have to remain uninterrupted during the renovation process.

Our experienced electrical team is ready and willing to help you. No matter the size of your project we promise to perform our services with the highest level of professionalism and attention to detail.  
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